I Miss You

I missed your lips once ours released
I miss the special hold that you had on me
I feel I kissed you on yesterday
my heart woke up at midnight screaming out your name
Like the sea that is deep and wide
I felt so blue not waking up to you at my side
you are the miracle that I embraced
you gave me memories I cannot erased
For you were so sexy and beautiful in person
your eyes melted the the chill of the day
you hugged me with the essence of a Queen
you became that royal woman that I need
As you drove away you took a piece of me
I could not look at you to say good-bye
I wanted to run around the corner and die
but you are the strength for the tears I cried
Now I am forced to look in the bank of my mind
to grab a hold of that special woman that I adore
one that I have deposit in side
that I know who belongs by my side
There are candles burning in my soul for you
scented roses in my hand that match your perfume
strawberry lip gloss that leaves a print on my lips
and you wonder will it be you I miss
Well I will say this to you right now
I Miss You….I Miss You….I Miss You
with every breath I take I am yours
this time i am really for sure

© King Judah


Rose and Poetry


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