Whispers of Passion

It elicits decking as if for the Duke’s engagement
Once it shamed coyness, then grew truly coy
Beading its attic, cilium falls forward
So the eyes need not see the massacre of
Feeble resistance intoxicated with a flame so desirous
Whispers with passion of history,
Filled with craze, crave and ovation
Silence of benevolence conquers speech…
Absolute, absorbed through the air,
Through the mighty brine…
And the gracious moon swims back
Driving the waves crazy…
Souls drugged with the advent of dusk
A long embrace, vehement crescent
Fading chasm between souls
The holy nubile of eye to eye
And breath to hastened breath
Wings spread and the touch of fire
Souls becoming zealous of our bodies
For the moments of accord were so sublime
In which we lived our entire life
As we mourn over the severance with fading dusk
With the universe rejoicing the archaic assault
I will stand still for you Jana to enact
These moments of sublime accord till Doomsday


  1. Leeraa Patnaik · · Reply

    ” Persistence is probably the single most common quality of high achievers ” A poet who truly wishper passion richly flavoured with emotions…..!! Perspective of his poetry is much larger than our imagination…….!! May your poems always vibrate in harmony to blossom all your heart desires. Your poem has become Anthem for some of the beautiful Souls and your poem is the safest way to pacify an alienated soul to bathed in an endless ocean of love ……..!! ” Life is Beautiful only for those who knows how to celebrate the Pain “

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