Gone to the next level

Gone to the next level

Once we communed as good friends
At first I thought you betrayed my trust and love
Thinking of you as kin – a part of me
And that something went wrong

Many emotions I felt about this
I thought to myself how could this be?
You my soul of souls the very essence of me.
I cried that day bitter tears had not in many years!

I went for days not understanding why
You created lie after wicked lie
Thinking like an educated fool
Because you had so many years of school

Always talking about the Saviour above
Treating many with unselfish love
But in secret you battered my soul
And I knowing nobody would believe if told

All of a sudden God brought a rainbow
After a very stormy rain
Showed me my losses were indeed gains
Forging me into a diamond through intense pain

So intense was this spiritual heat
That will bring to the knees the most seasoned athlete!
Test after test my spiritual test
Brought me above the rest

That`s when our friendship turned tragic
Unaware of my Creator`s awesome magic
Because you decided to spiritually stagnate
I realized the Truth but it was too late

You died a spiritual death
You let Ego win once again my dearest friend!
Now I can only pray you will see
And come home to our Creator and me.

© 2013 Karishmananda

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