About The Poets

Dr Ram Sharma`s an English professor, writer and poet, I am a poet, writer and an empty cup.

I love all aspects of this, so now we will give a little info on these fantastic people. Looks

like Mr. Robert Gibbon`s first 🙂

This is not in any particular order I wish it could be set at random. ‘Karishmananda’

About Robert

“still the muck stains my skin the sugar cane night I knew the whistle from the mill meant it
would be cool soon it would transform that bean field behind my house transform my touch

Robert Gibbons

and the sugar ditch became my wishing well” Poet of Belle Glade Robert Gibbons is a multi-dimensional and multi talented artist who hails from Belle Glade,

Florida. I am proud of the sugar cane, the heat, the corn field , Zora Neale Hurston, and my
grandma who led the way. I thank God for Carl Monica Tarshia and Tan who are my siblings
and my inspiration. But most of all I thank God for the Muck that created me.
You are like a lotus which natural habitat is muck. you rose from the muck
and now what a sweet smell it is! We love you Robert!!
Robert was born October 3rd. Don`t see a year but we understand,
his email is: robertgibbons54@gmail.com also he`s on Facebook:
Also he graduated from Glades Central High in 1984

About Martin

The Kalahari is a wild and untamed stretch of earth that can remind one of a place like the Australian Outback.
It is a place of extremes where sunburn in the shadows and frostbite beneath a duvet cover is common.
This is also symbolically the space of my consciousness that shows characteristics of the gritty and
unrelenting attitude towards my societal surroundings. The Kalahari cover vast and empty spaces
that shows incredible contrasts as you drive slowly towards nowhere in its belly. This vast and empty
space is seated in my being that either Zen like completes me or opens me to my utter emptiness and lack.
A space that is a barren ghetto flat that is empty because misery pawned it empty or it can be a natural
minimalist void that can be appreciated in its sacred silence. My expression is the little yelping Jackal
that employs cunning and tact to ensure his survival in such a habitat. The rolling bush is my threatening
rootless fear of being a meaningless, purposeless human being.
Reminds me a bit like Phoenix Arizona but I think the Kalahari has it beat by a long shot, Martin! ~ Karishmananda
Martin is from South Africa. I like poets like him and Robert (above) They have such vivid bios. Thanks a
bunch, Martin! I have enjoyed blogging you! ~ Karishmananda


About Alva

Working on the foundation of the International part of the International Super Star! Promoting free thought for over 20 years! I am a palm tree farmer. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. If I am not physically
growing palms for no reason, some place sunny where snow is a foreign concept,
I am still there in my heart.

Favorite Quotations

“Jump and the net shall appear.” “Life is a series of voyages-some good and some bad-and you can’t make more than one at a time. All the past voyages are just that, and the new voyages are mysterious and exciting. “(perhaps my favorite right now) “Just remember, assholes are born that way, and they usually don’t change.” “It takes no more time to see the good side of life than it takes to see the bad.”

Contact Info

Chinedu Jonathan Ichu is from Lagos Nigeria.

He graduated from  from Gbaja boys high school in 1993.  

He also attended college: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

He`s presently working on poetry, and he`s married.

Contact Info

e mail: chinedu_jonathan@yahoo.com

Julio Daniel 

This is my version of Julio:
I had to experience him before I added
because he does not give out too much
info on his page. His poetry says a lot
about who he is. He desires to be around
real people who genuinely care.
His poetry evokes a divine love. He`s
a super person and I am so happy
he does not mind me posting his poetry.
There`s not many pics to choose from
but this one captured to me who Julio
is and that is a beautiful human being
inside and out
Contact info:
This is it I guess, click on the
link and you can find him on Facebook.
He never set up a name so it shows only

About Jim Atwell

I enjoy seeing the Divine in all things. Even if the Divine doesn’t like it.
You are as god as it gets. Happily Divorced for over 35 years.
I have been doing sound healing since the mid 1970’s.
Jim has had a full and beautiful life, and still enjoying.
And a living miracle overcoming cancer and a stroke.
There`s so much information on his  Facebook page
about him that it would take another blog. He`s also
a Navy Vet. Amazing human being he is.

I am so blessed to know him.
~ Karishmananda

Basic Info

Birthday September 14, 1945

Sex Male

Relationship Status Single

Languages English

Religious Views
  • Equal opportunity Lover

Political Views

Contact Info

  • 204 East Water St. apt. 502
  • Slippery Rock Park, PA 16057

Screen Names


Facebook http://facebook.com/soundloving

Emmi Emmi lives in Los Angeles California. I have had the pleasure of

knowing him for a year and this man is full of poetry!

He is a Graduate of Lund University , Lund, Gävleborgs Län, Sweden.

His major was Animal Psychology. He is a freelance author.

I write poetry about
my experiences living
in a deeply loving and
happy relationship with
an understanding God.
My love, my love,
in the heart of the
orange rose is a
burning fire that
flames in daylight,
smolders at night,
ebbs sometimes,
but never dies.
My love, it’s from
a similarly burning
fire at the core of
our conscience
that our desires
to rejuvenate
and revitalize
life are ignited.
My love, it’s from
that same fire that
the spirit harnesses its
flowing momentum.© EMMI EMMA

I think this a nice shot Mr Trudel 🙂

David John Trudel is a great person. He currently resides in Victoria British Columbia, CA
and was born in raised in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, CA. He is a great poet and writer
and has many poems, short stories and prose that I know of from his postings. He
attended high school at St, George`s school in Spokane WA. USA, started his post –
secondary education at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia CA.
His studies were: History and  Latin American studies. He did his graduate studies at
The University of British Columbia and his studies were Archival Studies.  From
what I saw in his Facebook profile, Mr Trudel`s a finance specialist, and enjoys life
to the fullest. He has a Facebook profile and can be contacted there:|
Favorite Quotation:
Most people have an insane belief in their own sanity whereas I have a sane belief in my own insanity.

Sunil Sharma


Dr. Sunil Sharma is another poet in our group that has been generous enough to share his God given talent.

He`s a principal at Bharat College of Commerce and lives in Kalyan, West India.

He`s from Ghaziabad India and is happily married to Sangeeta, Sharma. They have one daughter.

Contact Information:   http://sunilsharmafictionwriter.blogspot…

E-Mail:                                      drsharma.sunil@facebook.com


Shyam Mishra

Shyam Mishra pours his heart out in his poetry!

Born in Orissa, India he now resides in Hyderbad.

His intellect found him in several schools and colleges in India

and he`s also a proud father. He`s the director of Anthem Consulting

of Orissa, and born on Christmas Eve, He`s also married.

Contact Information

Sharon Goodwyn

Sharon Goodwyn is a great friend that made it here through spontaneous poetry.

Born April 28, 1955 she wound up in a career involving health and healing.

She`s a very caring woman and a great friend. Her poem about peace touched

me and I hope to hear more from her. Thanks Sharon for your contribution!

Wishing you all the best on your endeavors!

Contact info below:







E-Mail: sharon.goodwyn@facebook.com

Eric Judah with a baby pic

Some people just don`t leave your memory and Eric`s that kind of guy.

He`s a mix of a lot of poets in the past and romance is his specialty.

Reading him can put one in a trance as he vividly takes the reader

with him on his delicious journeys. He`s finally coming out with a book

of these tantalizing delights and we cannot wait. Another New Yorker I

have here on my blog, he hails from New York City, the metropolis that

never sleeps, and the best way to travel is by cab!  Welcome King Dangerous

Inc Judah to our blog! We are glad you made it!

E-Mail: king.judah.39@facebook.com

Kendrick Samuel

Kendrick Samuel is more philosophical I think but that`s my opinion.

I really enjoy his posts for they talk about real life issues.

He`s a real asset to this group of poets!

I welcome you here Kendrick and wish you nothing but the best!

Kendrick hails from the Big Apple, born April 11 1961 in Manhattan

and lives in the Bronx.

E-Mail: kendrick.samuel.5@facebook.com

Michael Ray WordPress

I have been knowing Michael (Romancing Enchanting) Ray for some time now.

It`s a blessing to know someone like Michael and call him a friend.

We have been through so much together, in fact I have known this man

since Tom Anderson owned MySpace which of course everybody in the

online community knows it has been bought out, but Michael works hard

at his music and MySpace is tailored more for the musicians. He`s still over

there of course. I hope you enjoy Michael`s poetry as much as everyone else does!


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